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30/03 2018

AIGA interview and video

This interview was wonderful to do. Hope you’ll enjoy reading, and this was my favourite part:

“HM: What’s one of the biggest learnings you gained from your journey? Do you have an important lesson that really grounds you in who you are and in your career?

NC: I think it would be how we approach both career and life in general—fixed versus growth mentality. Fixed mentality says that this is who you are, and this is what you can do, and you just do it. Growth mentality looks at you as a constant student of life. You continuously educate yourself, you challenge yourself, and you grow as a person. I think this is the biggest thing in my life. When I was a child my whole family and I thought that the only thing I was good at was math and science. I could not sing, I could not draw, I could not paint, I could not dance. Turns out that I can draw actually because I’m a type designer. So, I can do that now. I can also play the piano, which I started when I was 35, quite late in life. You are supposed to start playing piano at 5, not 35, but I did it. And I actually turned out to be quite good at it.

If we look at ourselves only as how people have defined us, we get stuck in a box for the rest of our lives. But, if we look at ourselves with potential then we can try to be anything, we will at least try and turn our world into an experiment.”