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23/03 2015

Zapfino Arabic in the news

The release of Zapfino Arabic has had broad coverage (yey!) and here are some of the places where you can catch up:

An interview on Fast Company: How To Redesign An Iconic Typeface For Arabic

A blog post on Climbing Everest

On DigitalArts: Nadine Chahine: “The most important thing in an Arabic typeface is to maintain the illusion that one brushstroke wrote the whole word”

On Slanted, in German: Zapfino Arabic / Eine perfekte Schrift erschließt neue Sprachräume

An interview on Stepfeed: Climbing Everest: Dr. Nadine Chahine Designs Innovative Zapfino Arabic Typeface

An interview on Bananapook: Designers: Zapfino is now available in Arabic

And finally, my youtube animation is still here!