30/03 2018

AIGA interview and video

This interview was wonderful to do. Hope you’ll enjoy reading, and this was my favourite part:

“HM: What’s one of the biggest learnings you gained from your journey? Do you have an important lesson that really grounds you in who you are and in your career?


6/12 2014

The joys of Lebanese slang: Food

This is a poster series showcasing some of my favourite Lebanese phrases that have hilarious linguistic composition. Very evocative too! The posters are set in my new typeface Hamra Str.

14/05 2012

Right to Left and Hamra House

It’s the sign of the time (or how crazy my schedule is) that the new book that I’m writing with my friend and colleague Tarek Atrissi was announced at TDC in NY on March 15, then twitter, then in Dubai on March 19, and 2READ MORE