30/03 2018

AIGA interview and video

This interview was wonderful to do. Hope you’ll enjoy reading, and this was my favourite part:

“HM: What’s one of the biggest learnings you gained from your journey? Do you have an important lesson that really grounds you in who you are and in your career?


30/03 2018

Hello world!

Lots of changes here! As of March 31, 2018 I am no longer employed at Monotype. I’m very excited to be branching out on my own, spending more time designing new Arabic typefaces, and studying for my masters at Cambridge. Lots to do in theREAD MORE

21/03 2015

Remembering Samir Kassir: On Arab victimhood and the cult of death

I am ashamed to admit that I never knew of Samir Kassir until after I heard of his assassination. But the beauty of ideas is that they can live on, and that they are immune to car bombs. This article includes an extract from a bookREAD MORE