21/03 2015

Remembering Samir Kassir: On Arab victimhood and the cult of death

I am ashamed to admit that I never knew of Samir Kassir until after I heard of his assassination. But the beauty of ideas is that they can live on, and that they are immune to car bombs. This article includes an extract from a bookREAD MORE

12/11 2014

From the Inside, From the Heart

Not the most recent but this is the best interview I’ve ever given. Long read but I hope you’ll find it interesting!

“The number one consideration when designing across various scripts is that each remains true to the visual aesthetics and structure of its script. This isREAD MORE

5/06 2013

A moment of type

There is a moment in the life of every typeface, when the outlines come to life, when the letters, in Arabic at least, start to hold hands. Suddenly the pieces fit together and the energy starts to flow. It is a moment of pure uninhibitedREAD MORE