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7/02 2012

Fighting the hackers

For the past few weeks the blog has been under attack on several occasions. The hackers were implementing malicious code into some of my pages, though it seems more of a redirect kind of attack so nothing too scary. Still, I have had to cleanREAD MORE

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1/02 2012

7 years at Linotype

One day I decided to take the bus, and because of that I am sitting here at this desk today.

On the morning of September 27, 2003 I was in a flat in Vancouver with some of my classmates from the MA at Reading. We wereREAD MORE

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10/01 2012

Who wants to design Arabic t-shirts?

For those interested, this is a message from Johara AlKhalifa who owns the Tshirt Shop in Bahrain:

“I opened Tshirt Shop in October with the hopes of it being a platform for young Arab designers such as yourselves and so far have succeeded in carrying 8READ MORE