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13/07 2018

Anti-Trump UK Visit Poster

I designed a new typeface and poster to demonstrate against Trump’s visit to the UK. If you want to download and print, just click here: Anti-Trump POSTER_ArabicType.

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3/02 2014

DotShabaka: a new Arabic top-level internet domain

Today the DotShabaka (Arabic for Web) top-level domain went live and it’s the first time that we will have a URL written in Arabic. Big day for Arabic on the web! Big cheer!!

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21/05 2013

For the love of design

Should you ever see me sad, please remind me of how much I love to draw. Have not designed in 2 months, and today I am back in the world of black and white. Alone with the outlines, uninterrupted, enchanted again with the urge toREAD MORE