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13/12 2010

A project with a soul

I shouldn’t be writing this. The project is confidential, and the timeline suicidal. Taking a break from spacing glyphs to write these words… I have never worked so hard or so fast, but this is a project one only dreams of, when it touches yourREAD MORE

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5/12 2010

Hello new blog design!

I’ve been meaning to do this for at least a year. That, the wordpress update, and the war-on-spambots. But it’s been busy so it is only now that it’s done. I’m not fully convinced of the new look, but will test-drive it for a while.READ MORE

14/09 2010

Arabic webfonts now available

Today is very special for anyone wanting to read in Arabic online. The choice of fonts available to set Arabic online has dramatically increased overnight. Yesterday we had a handful, today we have more than ten times as many. How? Monotype Imaging has launched itsREAD MORE