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21/10 2009

Speaking tomorrow at TDC in New York

Anyone in New York? I will be speaking at Type Directors Club in New York on Thursday at 6pm. I will also be giving a workshop in Arabic Type Design on Friday and Saturday. Interested? It will be lots of fun so head on andREAD MORE

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12/10 2009

Unexpected places


I am an avid reader of the BBC News website. Just now, I noticed the picture of a very cute child in the Today in Pictures section. I clicked on, and 2 surprises: 1- It’s a Palestinian refugee in a demonstration in Lebanon asking for theREAD MORE

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14/09 2009

Chronicles of war

Three years too late I discover the blog of a fellow graduate from the design program at AUB. I saw this today and it’s just heartbreaking. In a way, I’m glad I had not seen it at the time as I was already going through hell.READ MORE