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23/10 2009

TDC workshop starts today

The talk yesterday went really well — and one hour more than scheduled. The audience was great and the questions and answers part just kept flowing and it was a great opportunity to interact with many of the typography greats who live in the New York area. The talk was entitled The World of Arabic Typography: Politics, Culture, and Visual identity. It spanned the development of Arabic calligraphy as spurred on by the political and cultural expansions that started in the 7th century and went on to dig a bit into the complexity that is Lebanon. We are all the products of our environments and type does not exist in a vacuum. This talk was about the big picture and a painted a wholistic approach to type design that looks at the development of letter forms as part of a larger cultural movement. The talk went on with some examples of my typefaces and that’s when the questions started. I had to confess at some point: I don’t like to design numerals! Oups :)

Today the workshop starts and the first exercise will be to take an existing brand identity and to try to adapt it into Arabic. Can’t wait to begin!