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7/02 2012

Fighting the hackers

For the past few weeks the blog has been under attack on several occasions. The hackers were implementing malicious code into some of my pages, though it seems more of a redirect kind of attack so nothing too scary. Still, I have had to clean up my files twice now, but I have discovered at least 11 backdoors that my dears hackers had left behind. Those are now closed. They were also taking advantage of a vulnerability in my wordpress theme so I have switched to the old design but will be changing that soon as it really does not look so well with the larger images.
So, the site is up and running again, and I will try to see what else I can do to further protect it. This is very frustrating as I’m no programmer myself, but had spent 6 hours yesterday going through lines of code and trying to determine was is malicious or not. Not fun. So I hope it’s all sorted and my apologies in case this caused any inconvenience.
If anyone gets a Google alert when they try to access the blog, please send me an email immediately. You can find me at nadine @ or simply at twitter @arabictype. Let’s fight this thing!