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13/02 2015

Zapfino Arabic is released!

Finally it is here! Lots of places where you can read up and take a look:

Font feature on with a short interview as well.

A story of how Zapfino got adapted into Arabic.

And a youtube video showing an animation of the design. Made it myself :)


6/12 2014

The joys of Lebanese slang: Food

This is a poster series showcasing some of my favourite Lebanese phrases that have hilarious linguistic composition. Very evocative too! The posters are set in my new typeface Hamra Str.

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24/11 2014

Font marathon is done, please say hello to Hamra Str.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to say that my font marathon is now finished and I would like to present to you my latest creation: Hamra Str. The font is available for licensing as of this post, and for the first week, you pay whatREAD MORE