12/11 2014

From the Inside, From the Heart

Not the most recent but this is the best interview I’ve ever given. Long read but I hope you’ll find it interesting!

“The number one consideration when designing across various scripts is that each remains true to the visual aesthetics and structure of its script. This isREAD MORE

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3/02 2014

DotShabaka: a new Arabic top-level internet domain

Today the DotShabaka (Arabic for Web) top-level domain went live and it’s the first time that we will have a URL written in Arabic. Big day for Arabic on the web! Big cheer!!

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29/01 2014

Most Creative People in Business 1000

I’m thrilled and deeply honored to be part of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business 1000!

“In 2009, Fast Company introduced an annual list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. We called it a “snapshot of the range and depth of creativity across our businessREAD MORE